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Scots edit

A tree structur

Noon edit

tree (plural trees)

  1. A lairge plant, nae exactly defined, but teepically ower fower meters in hicht, wi a single trunk which growes in girst with age and brainches (that an aa grow in circumference wi age).

Verb edit

tae Wt/sco/tree (third-person singular simple present -, present participle -, simple past -, past participle -)

  1. Tae support wi timmer or props.

Inglis edit

Etymology edit

Frae Middle Inglis tree, tre, treo, treou, trew, trow, frae Old English trēo, trēow (tree, wid, timmer, beam, log, stake, stick, grove, cross, rood), frae Proto-Germanic *trewą (tree, wid), frae pre-Germanic *dréu̯om, thematic e-grade derivative o Proto-Indo-European *dóru (tree).

Pronunciation edit

Noon edit

tree (plural Wt/sco/trees or (obsolete) treen)

  1. tree

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Verb edit

tree (third-person singular semple praisent Wt/sco/trees, praisent pairteeciple Wt/sco/treeing, simple past and past participle Wt/sco/treed)

  1. (transitive) Tae chase (an ainimal or person) up a tree.

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Dutch edit

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Noun edit

tree m (plural treeën or Wt/sco/trees, diminutive treetje n)

  1. stap (o a stair)

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North Frisian edit

Etymology edit

Frae Old Frisian thrē.

Numeral edit


  1. (Heligoland) three