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English edit


Etymology edit

From Ukrainian сікти "to chop" — meaning to clear a forest for an encampment, or to build a fort with cut down trees.[1]

Noun edit

sich (plural Wt/sco/sichs)

  1. Administrative and military centre for the Zaporozhian and Danube Cossacks.

Translations edit

References edit

  1. Dmytro Yavornytsky Історія Запорізьких Козаків (in Ukrainian), Vol.1, 1892

German edit


Etymology edit

Old High German sih

Pronunciation edit

Pronoun edit

sich (both accusative and dative)

  1. Template:Wt/sco/Reflexive itself (direct object); itself, to itself (indirect object).
  2. Template:Wt/sco/Reflexive himself (direct object); himself, to himself (indirect object).
  3. Template:Wt/sco/Reflexive herself (direct object); herself, to herself (indirect object).
  4. Template:Wt/sco/Reflexive oneself (direct object); oneself, to oneself (indirect object).
  5. Template:Wt/sco/Reflexive themselves (direct object); themselves, to themselves (indirect object).

Related terms edit

Scots edit

Adjective edit

Wt/sco/sich (comparative {{{1}}}, superlative {{{2}}})

  1. Alternative form of sic.

Pronoun edit


  1. Alternative form of sic.