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English edit

Etymology edit

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Pronunciation edit

Adjective edit

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  1. Crazy.
    • 1992, James Kelman, "Let the Wind Blow High Let the Wind Blow Low", Some Recent Attacks, p. 86:
      Those who persist are shown up as perverse, slightly bammy, crackpots – or occasionally as unpatriotic.
    • 2009, Frankie Boyle, My Shit Life So Far, HarperCollins 2010, p. 183:
      He was quite a bammy Glasgow guy who had hit on the idea of playing a Tolkienesque character who could turn things to mud with his magical finger.

Scots edit

Etymology edit

Scottish form of Script error: The function "template_l_term" does not exist..

Adjective edit

Wt/sco/bammy (comparative bammier, superlative bammiest)

  1. crazy, barmy, mental
    • 1999, David Armstrong, The First Teenagers, p. 22:
      He ran tae the windae, threw it open and clambered oot ontae the sill. Ah thought he'd gone bammy...ye know, right aff his heid!