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Welcome to Multilingual Wikiquote. We have 21 articles. This portal is different from language subdomains in several ways to supplement and parallel them, not duplicate nor replace nor "father" them:

  1. As a multilingual portal, commons:Commons:Language policy is hereby considered.
  2. Quotes are collected in sortable tables, not prefixed asterisks, to allow readers to sequence quotes by when the date, where the place, who the author, what work, which portion of a work to quote, and any potentially useful remark explaining why quote, like positive, neutral and negative opinions, and own quotes. Please always add quotes in editing box from earlier to later time to maintain the neutral point of view.
  3. Each quote should better be written in at least two languages to promote multilingualism. Please add monolingual quotes to appropriate language subdomains, or request translation here by tagging {{Wq/mul/translate}}.
  4. Language subdomains cannot allow outbound translations, so this portal strongly encourages wiki users to collect notable quotes and their have translations, either from their own to be marked as Wiki translations subject to CC-BY-SA 3.0 License and the GFDL, or from outside sources subject to copyright consideration to avoid excessive usage. Always mark where the translations are from or they risk deletion.
  5. Considering presentation copyright, please always use a hyperlink or URL in edit summary for sufficient attribution under the Creative Commons license, such as when copying existing quotes from language subdomains to translate here, to avoid copyleft violation.

Thanks so much for useful supports. However, if m:Wikidata/Development/Wikiquote becomes easier to collect multilingual quotes, the contents of this test may then move out.