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Hadiza Aliyu an fi saninta da Hadiza Gabon (An haife ta a ranar ɗaya ga watan Yunin shekara ta 1989) a ƙasar Gabon, Hadiza Aliyu ta Kasance Shahararriyar 'yar wasan kwaikwayo ce a Hausa film a Najeriya, a ƙarƙashin masana'antar fim ta Kannywood.

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I want to settle down Gyara I wanted to settle down Blueprint Newspaper, 2014

I want to settle down. You won’t command respect no matter how wealthy or popular you are if you are not married. Money is secondary even though it is necessary. But it’s the fulfillment I get and the joy that I followed my dream that comes first for me. I have received some very outrageous proposals from people who think actresses are cheap or don’t know what they want in life or that we can do anything for money. Sometimes they see you playing a wayward girl and they think you are wayward in real life. But we are not. We are very responsible people. I just tell you off politely once I know where you are headed. I like my privacy a lot and would not want to begin to talk about that aspect of my life here. But I know where you are headed and all I will say is that Allah’s time is the best.