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Abdullah Ensour (Arabic:عبد الله النسور‎; born January 20, 1939) is a Jordanian Economist who is the current Prime Minister of Jordan, since October 2012 by King Abdullah II. A veteran statesman and politician, he has held various cabinet positions in Jordanian governments


  • Early this Wednesday morning, at around 3 am, a security operation carried out by special forces that included security and military personnel, ended and was successful in achieving its goals. Seven members of the outlaw group were killed, this group are misguided and misleading, they are a terrorist group connected to terrorist organizations, and had planned to disrupt the security of the country and its people.

Jordanian Intelligence forces uncovered and stopped a Daesh plot to target civilians and military in Amman on March 1, 2016, Ensour addressed the parliament on March 2, 2016 on the successful attack on Daesh militants, quoted on Albawaba, "Jordanian authorities confirm Daesh activity in Irbid, suicide belts found", March 2, 2016.