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Sex or genderfemale ꠟꠦꠈ
Country of citizenshipLebanon, United States of America ꠟꠦꠈ
Name in native languageميا كاليستا, ميا خليفة ꠟꠦꠈ
Birth nameSarah Joe Chamoun ꠟꠦꠈ
Given nameMia ꠟꠦꠈ
PseudonymMia Khalifa ꠟꠦꠈ
Date of birth10 February 1993 ꠟꠦꠈ
Place of birthBeirut ꠟꠦꠈ
Unmarried partnerJhayco ꠟꠦꠈ
Educated atUniversity of Texas at El Paso, Massanutten Military Academy, University of Texas System ꠟꠦꠈ
Academic degreeBachelor of Arts ꠟꠦꠈ
ResidenceUnited States of America, Lebanon ꠟꠦꠈ
Work period (start)2014 ꠟꠦꠈ
Work period (end)2019 ꠟꠦꠈ
Ethnic groupLebanese Americans, Arabs, Arab-Christians ꠟꠦꠈ
Religion or worldviewCatholicism, Christianity, Arab-Christians ꠟꠦꠈ
Eye colorbrown ꠟꠦꠈ
Hair colorblack hair ꠟꠦꠈ
Participant inHARDtalk, Oxford Union ꠟꠦꠈ
Notable workMia Khalifa Is Cumming for Dinner ꠟꠦꠈ
Email addressmailto:miakpromo@gmail.com ꠟꠦꠈ
Official websitehttps://miakhalifa.com ꠟꠦꠈ
Website account on ꠟꠦꠈ
HashtagMiaKhalifa ꠟꠦꠈ
Copyright status as a creatorworks protected by copyrights ꠟꠦꠈ

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