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Hat nampa - (meaning to count numbers). Faeag heta , nampa, 'is faram 'e faeag fifis heta, number (The word, nampa is derived from the English word, number).

nampa 1 - 10: Faeag ne e laloag ne brackets, ta a'luak ne nampa ta 'e 'os faeag ta (the words in brackets is the short form for that number).

ta- one, ruḁ- two, folu (fol)- three, häke (häk)- four, lima (liḁm)- five, ono (on)- six, hifu (hif)- seven, vḁlu (vḁl)- eight, siva (siḁv)- nine, saghulu (saghul)- ten

nampa 11 - 20: The short forms for these numbers are identical to those in 1 - 10 above. For example, the short form for number 13 is saghulmafol (cf: fol is the short form for folu. The numbers in these series starts with saghul (10), followed by ma (which means and)and then by the number itself (e.g ta for one to make 11, etc.)

saghulmata- eleven, saghulmaruḁ- twelve, saghulmafolu- thirteen, saghulmahäke- fourteen, saghulmalima- fifteen, saghulmaono- sixteen, saghulmahiful- seventeen, saghulmavḁlu- eighteen, saghulmasiva- nineteen, ruḁghulu- twenty.