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This page is dedicated to explaining the Wikipedia Rotuma project. If you would like to help this project.... please read ALL of the following.

Testa 'ae rere'ia?Edit

I started this project with one thing in mind: the preservation of our very special language, Rotuman. The Rotuman population is becoming increasingly diasporic, spreading themselves all around the globe, and as we find ourselves further enagaged in our new-found homes and communities, the language of our ancestors will languish in necessity.

I believe that as this progresses, more and more people will realise the importance of being able to speak Rotuman, and yet less and less people will actually be able to do it. We have found that the Rotuma Website has been a huge success; it is an invaluable medium of communication within the international Rotuman community. Hence, it is demonstrable that the Rotuman International community is very much capable of using the internet for tranferring and disseminating information.

This is where Wikipedia comes in. For those of you who don't know, Wikipedia is a free, online encyclopedia, and a hugely popular source of information. The English language version now boasts some 1.8 million articles on a number of subjects, including many about Rotuma. The special thing about Wikipedia is that ANYONE can edit or produce articles. While this means articles can be subject to vandalism, the existing system means that when things are vandalised there are more than enough people already checking the system andd rectifying such things.

To contribute to Wikipedia one doesn't need to be an authority on the subject, as long as you are able to find some information and communicate it in an understandable way, it is suitable to be in Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is currently in 251 languages, including Fijian, Tongan, Samoan and Maori. There is no reason why Rotuman shouldn't be featured as well. Thats why, on April 1, 2007 I proposed that a Rotuman Wikipedia (Uikipitia) be constructed.

Po'e tes?Edit

Wikipedia Rotuma will be most useful as a resource for people who want to learn Rotuman. As a person using the internet, it is presumed that you will already be able to speak a fairly competent level of English, hence it is not expected that this resource would be so greatly useful for researching, as you could just as easily use the English Wikipedia. Rather, it is imagined that if we have a large body of articles in the Rotuman language, people wishing to practice their understanding of the language, particularly of grammar and spelling, this Wikipedia will be successful in providing such a place to do that. In addition, students of Rotuman can then write articles about subjects they know in Rotuman, and then other users who speak Rotuman more confidently can correct the Rotuman language aspect to these articles. This takes advatage of what is called "Peer Review", which is a measure to ensure an article's content is accurate. Instead, this reviewing process will be utilised in improving the quality of the Rotuman use on this website.

As a website, the content here will remain here for a long time to come, so when future generations are seeking information on the language of their ancestors, they will find a website COMPLETELY in the Rotuman language.

Testa gou po la re?Edit

In order to get Wikipedia Rotuma up and running, first of all:

  1. Email me at: miami.matt (at) hotmail.com and let me know that you're interested in helping.
  2. Go to this page and click create an account in the top right hand corner. Then follow the instructions to create your account.
  3. Go to this page, and click on any of the links listed there in red
  4. Write the article in Rotuman. Look at the English Wikipedia version first, to work out how to do it. Instructions on how to edit pages are found here

Kepoi ka gou kat oaf ra se uepsai teis...Edit

I understand that this idea may not be so interesting to all people. For all I know some may very well disagree with it. I admit that I am not the best speaker of Rotuman myself, in fact, I'm far from it. However, I am proud to admit that I am very much aware that decreasing numbers of people are capable of speaking Rotuman. Rotuman people don't seem to recognise just how unique and valuable the language is. It is realistically quite different from all it's polynesian neighbours, and really should be preserved. There are any other people I'm sure who share these concerns, but lack the time or energy to do much about it. This is one medium for you to make a positive contribution to the preservation of the Rotuman language. I recommend that if you are at all interested in helping out, that you let me know. If you disagree with this idea, also let me know, I am very interested in your views.

Other ideas?Edit

This is not the only idea I have. The preservation of the Rotuman language is a long term project is wish to contribute to, and am ore than willing to help other people wherever I can in similar such pursuits. Other ideas I have are a series of simple childrens books, that would come in both English and Rotuman, as well as animated videos that are in simple Rotuman sentences, with English subtitles.

I am still young, and these are all ideas with a long gestation period and very much still in the pipeline (although I have already written one of the childrens books and will soon be looking for translators). I am very interested in your views on anything written above, if you agree or disagree, or wish to proffer some advice, please feel free to email me at:

  • miami.matt (at) hotmail.com

Noa'ia ma tae on tiu. --Mattbray 07:42, 28 April 2007 (UTC)