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It seems that commenters are intentionally hiding the history of Goalpara.The erstwhile Goalpara region had been a part and parcel of the undivided Bengal province prior to the attempt of dividing Bengal into east and west by the British Govt of India in 1905. The partition was resisted as a consequence of the great Anti-Bengal-Partition Movement under the leadership of Rabindranath Tagore. But the Govt took ugly revenge to cut the Goalpara and Sylhet districts from eastern part of Bengal and affixed them into Assam (now Asom). So Goalparrian culture including its language,literature,songs and scripts are inherent parts of the Greater Bengali Language, Literature and Culture. It has been very wrongfully and intentionally attempted by some intellectuals(?)of Assam ( now Asom) to identify the Goalparian Language and culture as a part of Assamese language and culture.These ill-motivated attempts started soon after the independence of India. A large number of Bengali-medium institutions were either abolished or converted into Assamese-medium from the entire district of Goalpara (erstwhile) and even Bengali scripts were replaced at large in the written forms of Goalparian language. History does tell lies !! So Goalparian Language should rightfully get back its original scripts,namely, the Bengali scripts. The Goakparian culture had been , and still is, a part of the Greater Bengali culture.It is now high time to rectify the wrongs already done to Goalpara.

Arun ghosh , e-mail: arunghosh351@gmail.com