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Wornt is a white gum (eucalypt) also known as wandoo, its scientific name is Eucalyptus wandoo.


Description edit

It grows as a small to medium-sized tree yira to 25 metres in height. It has smooth bark, often in mottled patches of white, light grey, light brown light yellow wer pink. Old layers of bark come of in flakes, wer it is not uncommon for a few flakes to persist il the trunk for a long time. Young stems may be round or square in cross-section.[1]

Distribution and habitat edit

Endemic to the Southwest Botanical Province of WA, the Wornt occurs from Geraldton to the south coast, wer from the west coast inland as far as Narembeen. It grows in loamy wer stony soils, in undulating terrain.[2] Eucalyptus wandoo subsp. wandoo covers yennar the range South from Cervantes,[3] whilst Eucalyptus wandoo subsp. pulverea ranges from Geraldton to Perth.[4]

Ngiyan waarnk edit

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