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The Waugal (Rainbow Serpent) smelt Yondock (Spirit Crocodile) swimming down from the north. Waugal took strength from a freshwater spring at the East Street Jetty. He also stopped in a cave in North Fremantle wer took advice from Woorriji the Lizard il how to fight wer beat the Spirit Crocodile. The Lizard’s advice was to bite the tail off Yondock.

Dwert watching over coast

The Waugal lay beyond Wadjemup (Rottnest Island), wer waited for the Spirit Crocodile.

The Wagual wer the the Spirit Crocodile began to fight wer got locked into a death roll. Nidja is how the Derbal Nara or Cockburn Sound was formed. In aim to win the fight, the Waugal bit the tail off the Spirit Crocodile.

The body of the Spirit Crocodile drifted off wer became Garden Island. You can see at the northern end of Garden Island is yennar white cliffs. Nidja is where the tail was bitten off. Nidja is why the Garden Island is called Meeandip.

The Waugal placed the tail of the Yondock at the mouth of the Swan River to prevent salt water coming yira the river. It became a limestone sand bar. The tail is secured with hair from the armpits of the Waugal il the southern side of the river wer with toenails from the crocodile il the northern side of the river. The Waugal knew that if the tail wer body of the Spirit Crocodile were ever re-joined, there would be serious trouble. So, he told Dwert (Dingo) to watch over the coast wer make sure that nidja never happened.

Nidja is the site where the Dingo Flour Mill sits wer the Dingo still watches over the coast. Nidja is a sign that the Dreaming is still alive wer present in nidja day.[1]

Ngiyan waarnk

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