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Wangamup Bilya or Wangamup Beliar is a river near Mandjoogoordap (Mandurah). In English it is called the Serpentine River.

Serpentine Falls

The river rises in the Darling Scarp below Bowerling Hill and flows westward crossing Albany Highway North of North Bannister. The river continues North West through the Youarling State Forest then the Serpentine National Park. The river flows through Serpentine Dam then flows over Serpentine Falls just south of Jarrahdale as it comes off the Scarp and onto the Swan Coastal Plain. The river continues West and crosses the South Western Highway then flows past the town of Serpentine. The river then veers South and continues until it discharges into the Peel Inlet near Mandurah.

The only tributary to Serpentine River is Big Brook. The river also flows through Kerulup Pool, Lake Amarillo and Goegrup Lake.

The river is known to have toxic algal blooms with the last occurring in 2007. Algal blooms usually occur after hot weather and in the upper reaches of the river.[1]

Serpentine Dam Edit

Serpentine Dam

Serpentine Dam is one of the major water supply dams for Perth. The dam is used to store water which is released at a controlled rate to regulate the level in Serpentine Pipehead Dam, which in turn feeds water to the metropolitan trunk main network depending on demand. Construction of the dam was completed in 1961.

Ngiyan waarnk - References Edit

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