Wp/nys/Wandinyil (Norn) aka Tommy King

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  • Born: Unknown
  • Passing: Unknown
  • Place of birth: Unknown


Tommy was known to camp at the Mount Meville site. [2]

Early Life


In 1826 he escaped from the French explorer Dumont Durville. In 1833, he worked with Sir Richard Spencer to plant the Norfolk Island Pine in the front of Strawberry Hill Farm.


  • whaler
  • entertainer

Later Life


In 1843, with other men such as 'Wylie', they held the town of Albany under siege for six weeks in protest against the slaughter of the Right Whales. Wandinyil was sent to Rottnest Island prisonWp/nys/Wadjemup (Rottnest Island) where he served several sentences. [3]

In 1905 Tommy King was in a feeble state, when a concerned citizen wrote to the Government Resident at Albany requesting food. Tommy refused to go to the hospital where these would be available. The letter was forwarded to the Aborigines Department, where the extra rations were approved. [4]

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