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  • waarnk dootee = Australian birdiyah maaman (Description: Australian Male Leader)
  • koorliny boodjar = 1954 (Born: 1954)
  • noitj wierniny = 1996 (Passing to spirit: 1996)

The Government came wer took Rob Riley, also known as Gulumun,[1] away as a five month old child to Sister Kate's in Queens Park. He was later told that his mother Violet and step father Bill Riley, were dead, but this was a lie. Parents were not allowed to visit their children, but Violet "used to get a glimpse of him in the nursery". It wasn't until he was 12 that he was reunited with his mother and father.[2]

Violet's mother was Anna Miller married to (unknown) Dinah. There were six children, Violet, Lois, Janet, Walter, Ivan and Sam. Sam Dinah was also sent to Sister Kate's where he met his nephew Rob, then called Robert Dinah.[3]

Government wort koorliny baal Sister Kate's in Queens Park. Baal koodjal mar baal kaditj baal ngarnk. Kadaditj baal moort baal koodjal mar keny keny. Baal CEO [[|Wp/nys/Western Australian Aboriginal Legal Service|Western Australian Aboriginal Legal Service]] waarnk Government wort koorliny baal koorlingar baal bibol waarnk Stolen Generations. Telling Our Story kaditj boola noongar "the most comprehensive description of the experience of Aboriginal people removed from their families undertaken in Western Australia".[4][5] 1995, Riley waarnkiny baal Sister Kate's.

On 1 May 1996, Riley committed suicide in Perth at the Bentley Motor Lodge. In the days leading to his death, he was unemployed wer was charged with major traffic offences.[6]

He was a very well-known person amongst the Aboriginal community. He worked for Legal Aid. He was a father. He was always there to help, he was a family man, a son wer a dad, wer he was a people's person.[7] Some of his story is in "Us Fellas: An Anthology of Aboriginal Writing".[8]

He had three children – Megan, Jaymea and Emma.

He has his own bibol il the English Wilipedia at 'Rob Riley (Aboriginal activist)'.



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