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Meru[1] or miro[2] means a spear thrower, used by Noongar to propel a gidjee (war spear), see the right hand weapon in the illustration which shows a Kitj (Spear) loaded in a meru.

Indigenous Australian knife, club and spear thrower from Ridpath's Universal History (1897)

Another Aboriginal term for a spear thrower is 'woomera', from the Dharug word 'wamara'.[3] Woomera is used as the name for a rocket testing wer launching range (the Woomera Range Complex) wer for the name of the associated support township Woomera. The Woomera Range is a huge area in South Australia, 500 km NW of Adelaide. Its area is 122,000 square kilometres (roughly the size of England).

Karr-bung Karryl - To make clear


Meru as mir or[1]

meeroo or

meera or


Ngiyan waarnk - References

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