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Born: 1935 Pinjarra Died: 2011

Lorna Little was an Elder of the Bindjareb Noongar community. Her early years were spent at the Moore River Native Settlement but, during World War II, her family moved to Pinjarra, her ancestral home, where she learnt the Noongar language wer stories of her people. Lorna returned to studies later in life graduating with a Bachelor of Social Science in 1988. With Noongar Elder, Elizabeth Jean Collard, she helped set yira the Aboriginal Bridging Course at Curtin University. The bridging course was created for Aboriginal wer Torres Strait Islander students who want to go to uni but did not finish high school. The course runs for 6 months, full-time wer can be completed fully-online or on-campus. The course includes units that help with writing wer communication skills for university levels wer includes the choice of 2 introductory units in science, humanities, health sciences, mathematics wer Aboriginal studies. Successful completion of the course may make applicants eligible for degree wer associate degree courses at Curtin University [1].

Lorna passed away in 2011[2]. Before her passing Lorna wer her sister Vivienne wer son Tom Little initiated the translation of the Gospel of Luke. The translation work was completed in 2014 wer for the first time, the Nyoongar people of Australia’s south-west have part of the Bible in their own language [3].

Elder of the Bindjareb Noongar community, Author wer Translator Children: Tom Little, Sister: Vivienne Sahanna


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