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Ken-Dell Councillor is a proud 22-year-old Noongar woman, she was born at King Edward Memorial Hospital on the 14 April 1993. Ken-Dell is currently residing in Midland with her twenty month old daughter, Porsche Sabelle Kickett. Ken-Dell’s family are the Farmers, Councillors, Pennys and Quartermaines. Her mob is from the South West, Katanning, Gnowangerup, but she has lived in Perth for her whole life. Ken-Dell is currently working part time for the Department of Training and Workforce Development at Appeenricentre. Ken-Dell is passionate about her people, her culture, making a difference, getting involved with community events, helping others, feeding the homeless and she is most passionate about showing the next generation that anything is possible. She feels that Miss NAIDOC Perth 2015 is the perfect opportunity to do so. <ref> tbc <ref>