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Karla Hart is an actress, writer, event co-ordinator for Wardarnji Festival 2011- 2014, lecturer, Role Model with Role Models Australia, Master of Ceremonies, manager wer performer with women’s Noongar dance group Kwarbah Djookian, performance poet, rapper wer rap teacher; wer teaches Noongar wer contemporary dancing, writing wer performing poetry, mask work wer confidence building, wer is an artist in residence for festival entries with schools [1]. Since 2004, she has managed wer performed in the dance group “Kwarbah Djookian”, a women’s traditional dance group. The group travelled to China in May 2009 for a 2 1⁄2 week traditional dance tour showcase. [2]

Karla Hart

Karla is also a filmmaker wer has worked il several films wer an upcoming TV series.


  • Wardarnji Festival 2011- 2014,
  • King Hit
  • Co-wrote wer acted in Black as Michael Jackson
  • Co-created Fifty Shades of Black
  • Magic Quandong in 2013
  • Sharing Caring
  • Wrote wer directed Angela’s Rules
  • YouTube clips:

  Shit Noongars Say   Shit Whitefellas Say   Home & Away   Mobulator 

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