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Joslyn Jacobs is 22-year-old Noongar woman living in Leederville Perth, she is a ngarngk of keny beautiful baby daughter. Joslyn’s heritage comes from four tribal areas within the South West Noongar boodjar including: Whadjuk, Ballardong, Gnaala Karla Booja wer Wagyl Kaip. As a Noongar Woman her Culture is her identity it empowers Joslyn wer makes her a strong independent woman. She feels that she is extremely lucky to be living il her tribal homelands wer so close to the Swan River which is the final resting place for the female Waugal, in Noongar dreaming the Waugal created yennar of our waterways here in the Southwest.

Joslyn applied for Wp/nys/Miss NAIDOC Perth 2015 because she believes that she can be a positive role model for Aboriginal wer Torres Strait Islander women of yennar ages in our community. Working with youth is Joslyn’s biggest passion wer she hopes that she can inspire other Indigenous girls to not be ashamed, achieve their dreams wer to do positive things.[1]

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