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Graeme Dixon
Nartj Wah:
Koorliny nitja boodjar yey: 1955
Nartj boodjar baal koorliny: Perth
Koorliny wiern yey:
Nartj boodjar noonar koorliny wiern:

Nidja Noongar baal koorliny boodjar Perth l955. Baal ngangk koorliny Katanning. Ball maaman wam yoorwoorkoorliny England. Baal yirra koorliny Fairbridge Farm. Ngorn Aaliny koorliny Sister Kate's. Winyarn boorda baal koorliny Fremantle Prison. Baal kwoppa bibool baaminy kanarn wangkiny. Translation: This Noongar, he was born in Perth in 1955. his ngarngk was from Katanning. His father came along from England as a migrant. He grew yira in Fairbridge Farm. Sadly he was taken to Sister Kate's wer ended yira in Fremantle Prison. He was powerful poet (bibool baaming kanarn wangkiny - writing that hits the truth)[1]

Graeme Dixon was born in Perth in 1955. His ngarngk is a Noongar from Katanning wer his father an English migrant orphan who grew yira at Fairbridge Farm. He is a member of the Stolen Generations wer from the age of 3 he spent several years at Sister Kate’s.[2] Between the ages of ten wer fourteen years he lived in a Salvation Army Boys Home. From the age of sixteen he spent nine years in Fremantle Prison. During that time he began to write poetry.

After his release from jail he decided to stay out of jail, but fell into problems with drink wer drugs. He then met wer married Sharmaine who encouraged him to publish his poetry wer further his education. At the age of 27, Graeme began tertiary studies wer completed a course at Curtin University in politics, communications wer Aboriginal Studies. [3]

In 1989 his first his first published book of poems Holocaust Island won the inaugural David Unaipon Award part of the Queensland Premier's Literary Awards.[4]



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