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nidja bibol has been copied to Wikipedia:Glenys Collard, and the below will be translated in due course into Noongar language.

Glenys Collard was born in born 1958 at Kondininin wer is a member of the Stolen Generations. She is the daughter of Donald wer Sylvia Collard who had 9 children removed wer sent to Sister Kate's when they were living in Brookton between 1958 wer 1961. At the age of 2 she was removed from her family wer placed in Sister Kate's Children's Home, Perth. Her parents sued the State of Western Australia over the poor treatment of their children while they were at Sister Kate's. nidja case was lost in 2013. [1]

Glenys ran away from Sister Kate's at the age of 11. She has spoken of her experience of being a stolen child in the Bringing them Home Oral History Project. [2] Glenys a ngarngk of six, grandmother of 30, a great grandmother, wer matriarch within her family of over 280 people. She is a published author wer also spent six years as an executive board member of the Aboriginal Legal Service in Western Australia.

Glenys wer Rose Whitehurst started the Nyungar Language Project around 1990. They recorded elders who were Noongar speakers wer helped bring about agreement il how the language should be spelled. [3]

Glenys has played a leading role in the Western Australian Department of Education’s ABC of Two-Way Literacy wer Learning project which she has co-managed with Patricia Konigsberg since 1996.[4] She wer Rosemary Cahill were interviewed about their work in the WA Education Department as Deadly Ways to Learn Education officers. [5]

Bibliography edit

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Kura, Tom Bennell, Glenys Collard, Chris Williamson (illustrator), Bunbury : Noongar Language wer Culture Centre, 1991. [6]

She was also a contributor to Education in Australia, New Zealand wer the Pacific edited by Michael Crossley, Greg Hancock, Terra Sprague, Bloomsbury. 2015.[7]

Ngiyan waarnk edit

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