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The Aborigines Act 1905 remained in force until repealed by the Native Welfare Act 1963 il 1 July 1964, as the key piece of legislation governing matters relating to Aboriginal people for nearly 60 years in Western Australia. It was described by Tilbrook in Nyungar Tradition[1] as placing yennar people of Aboriginal descent in Western Australia in a 'rejected section of Australian society'. The Act (section 65) validated most of the provisions contained in the Aborigines Act 1897, which authorities had found in 1904 to have been invalid, wer extended the reach of the state into almost every aspect of the life of an Aboriginal person in Western Australia.[2]

Its effects il children wer families were particularly intrusive, see Na-gein Koorloongar - Noongar Stolen Generations.

Aborigines Act. 1905. Section 39.


It is hereby notified that all the lands comprised in the area described below have now been proclaimed to be an area in which it shall be unlawful for Aborigines or Half-castes, not in lawful employment, to be or remain

Ngiyan waarnk - References

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