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Samson Thanruma is the author of Mizo Novel, "Beiseina Mittui" which was published in the year 2010 in Mizo language; the book has been awarded the best book published during the year 2010 by the Mizo Academy of Letters.

Samson Thanruma has published 7 books in Mizo language which are listed below:

1. A rei ta hle mai (Novel) 2005

2. Hmaithinghawng Phena Inlarna (Novel) 2007

3. Lalrinawmi (Short story) 2008

4. Sulhnu Hliam (Novel) 2009

5. Beiseina Mittui (Novel) 2010, Mizo Academy of Letters Book of the Year 2010.

6. Priya leh Kei (Short story collection) 2011

7. Sunset Safari (Travelogue), 2015.

He has also been awarded "Writer of the Year, 2016" also known as Vulmawi Award, in the year 2016.