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This series of pages is for a test-wikipedia in the Lipo language (饢紪饢健饢緪 饢紑饢綉饢綑).

Your Lipo input here will be appreciated. The request for the creation of the Lipo Wikipidia will be approved if and when there is sufficient article content. When it is approved, all content here would be moved to the actual Wikipedia.

Because this is a test-wikipedia all articles here must begin with the format [[Wp/lpo/Name of article]]. For example, an article about "Genesis" should be titled here as Wp/lpo/饢絺饢綑 饢籍饢綉饢交 饢己饢姜饢緫饢姜. (Of course in the actual wikipedia, the article would be titled as [[饢絺饢綑 饢籍饢綉饢交 饢己饢姜饢緫]].)

Lipo speakers are encouraged to create as many top-quality articles as possible.

There are currently 4 articles.

Languages of the Ethnic Groups in China

Wikipedia editions:
涓枃 (Han) 聽鈥 袪褍褋褋泻懈泄 (Russian) 聽鈥 Ti岷縩g Vi峄噒 (Gin) 聽鈥 頃滉淡鞏 (Korean)聽 覛邪蟹邪覜褕邪 (Kazakh) 聽鈥 袣褘褉谐褘蟹褔邪 (Kirghiz) 聽鈥
Vahcuengh (Zhuang)聽鈥 嘟栢郊嘟戉紜嘟︵緪嘟戉紜 (Tibetan)聽鈥 卅蹏賷睾蹏乇趩蹠/Uyghurche (Uyghur)聽鈥 袔蟹斜械泻褔邪/O驶zbekcha (Uzbek)聽鈥 孝邪褌邪褉褔邪/Tatar莽a (Tatar)聽鈥 Sakizaya (Gaoshan)聽

Incubator Wikipedia editions:
/Manju gisun
(Manchu) 聽鈥 lus Hmoob (Hmong/Miao) 聽鈥 陠堦尃陦 (Nuosu) 聽鈥 釥牐釥┽牠釥a牤
(Mongolian, Inner) 聽鈥 啸褍褝泄蟹褳 泄爷褟薪 (Hui/Dungan) 聽鈥 Gaeml (Kam) 聽鈥 Haausqyaix (Bouyei) 聽鈥 Baip鈥gvp鈥ix (Bai) 聽鈥 幞栣キ幞搬幞コ幞戓エ幞掅グ (Dai) 聽鈥 幡呩幡横幡熱岌 (Tai Lue) 聽鈥 険£摬-険㈥摯 (Lisu) 聽鈥 Ladhof (Lahu) 聽鈥 釥搬釥 (Sibe) 聽鈥 Jinghpaw (Jingpo) 聽鈥 Dagur (Daur) 聽鈥 Sal谋r (Salar) 聽鈥 Tujia (Tujia) 聽鈥 Yo桑茂r lar (Yugur)聽鈥 chiYao (Yao) 聽鈥 Haqniqdoq (Hani) 聽鈥 Hlai (Li) 聽鈥 Ho Ne (She) 聽鈥 賱诰噩讴亍丕亍賱 (Dongxiang) 聽鈥 Kl谩o (Gelao) 聽鈥 V膩x (Va) 聽鈥 Su墨 (Sui) 聽鈥 Na (Naxi) 聽鈥 Dzorgaic (Qiang) 聽鈥 Mongour (Tu) 聽鈥 Mulam (Mulao) 聽鈥 Pulang (Blang) 聽鈥 Maonan (Maonan) 聽鈥 Tujik ziv (Sarikoli Tajik) 聽鈥 Prinmi (Pumi) 聽鈥 Ngachang (Achang) 聽鈥 Nusu (Nu) 聽鈥 Jino (Jinuo) 聽鈥 Palaung (De'ang) 聽鈥 Baonang (Bonan) 聽鈥 嘟樴郊嘟撪紜嘟斷紜 (Monpa) 聽鈥 Orochon (Oroqen) 聽鈥 Dulong (Derung) 聽鈥 嘟`痉嘟监紜嘟斷紞 (Lhoba) 聽鈥 饢絻饢綌饢緫 饢紕饢綉饢交饢緪 饢紪饢姜 (A-Hmao) 聽 饢紪饢健饢緪 饢紑饢綉饢綑 (Lipo) 聽 釥п牋釥┽牞釥 (Evenki) 聽