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[1]Ernest Rutherford, 1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson OM PC FRS Sha chasambo yim fyakkin bǝ lan kintawu shawur bǝ lan suro sa,a duwu miyon uskun fitulurrin tillon bǝ lan (30-Augs-1871).

Ernest Rutherford
Sex or gendermale Edit
Country of citizenshipNew Zealand Edit
Name in native languageErnest Rutherford Edit
Given nameErnest Edit
Family nameRutherford Edit
Noble titleknight, baron, Baron Rutherford of Nelson Edit
Date of birth30 August 1871 Edit
Place of birthSpring Grove Edit
Date of death19 October 1937 Edit
Place of deathCambridge Edit
Place of burialWestminster Abbey Edit
FatherJames Rutherford Edit
MotherMartha Thompson Edit
SpouseMary Georgina Rutherford Edit
ChildEileen Mary Rutherford Edit
RelativeRalph H. Fowwlerr Edit
Native languageEnglish Edit
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish Edit
Writing languageEnglish Edit
Field of workphysics, nuclear physics, chemistry, radioactivity Edit
EmployerVictoria University of Manchester, McGill University, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Manchester Edit
Position heldPresident of the Royal Society, member of the House of Lords, Langworthy Professor Edit
Educated atUniversity of Canterbury, University of Cambridge, Trinity College, Nelson College Edit
Academic degreeBachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Doctor of Science Edit
Doctoral advisorAlexander William Bickerton, J. J. Thomson Edit
Student ofJ. J. Thomson Edit
Honorific prefixKnight Commander Edit
ResidenceNew Zealand Edit
Participant in1st Solvay Conference on Physics, 3rd Solvay Conference on Physics Edit

Kenengan nzǝ edit

Kǝrmu Nzǝ edit

Yim miyon laarrin bǝ lan kintawu lailahir bǝ lan suro sa,a duwun yar laarrin fyakkin tulurin bǝ lan(19-oct-1937) shi kam cidi (New Zealand) bǝ kureman attǝyǝy shi malum (science) bǝ. suro sa,a duwun yar laarrin uskun bǝ lan (1908) shiro (Nobel prize) sadina nasha (Chemistry) bǝn kila Nazar (Nuclear Physics) bǝn kureman attǝyǝy kila Nazar (Structure of the Atom) bǝn.

Lamintǝ edit

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