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Paul Apreku Twum-Barimah bi Ghanaian politician den member of parliament for de Dormaa East constituency iwey dey Bono region for Ghana.[1][2][3]

Paul Apreku Twum Barimah
Sex or gendermale Edit
Country of citizenshipGhana Edit
Name in native languagePaul Apreku Twum Barimah Edit
Given namePaul Edit
Family nameTwum Edit
Date of birth28 January 1977 Edit
Place of birthKobedia Edit
Native languageBono Edit
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish, Bono Edit
Occupationpolitician, communications officer, media manager, lawyer Edit
Position heldMember of the Parliament of Ghana Edit
Academic degreeBachelor of Laws, Master of Science, Bachelor of Arts Edit
Academic majorjurisprudence, public affairs, social science Edit
Work locationGhana Edit
Member of political partyNew Patriotic Party Edit
Candidacy in election2020 Ghanaian general election Edit
Religion or worldviewChristianity Edit

Ein early life and education

Dem born Paul for 23 May 1982 den he comot from Kobedia-Asupra wey dey Bono region for Ghana inside. He pleted ein SSSCE for 2000 inside. He gey ein bachelor's degree for Sociology & Information Studies in Social Science for 2006 inside. He further ein MSc for Communications den Public Affairs in 2012. He do ein LLB for General Law for 2018 inside. He san do ein certificate for Oil, Gas & Petroleum Management for 2020 inside.[4]

Ein career

Na Paul dey job as de Head for Event den Production for Radio Universe. He san come do Station Manager for RGU radio. Na he bi de Media mechanical den engineering manager for EXP Ghana. He job as de Assistant Communication Officer for de British High Commission. He job again as de Corporate Affairs den Sustainability Manager for Zen Petroleum. Paul one tym job as de Development Communication Coordinator for SADA. He san go job as de Government Relations den Regulatory Affairs for ENI Ghana Exploration & Production Limited.[5][6]

Ein political career

He bi member of NPP wey rydee he bi de MP for Dormaa East Constituency. He won de parliamentary seat wid16,679 votes wey ein opponent, NDC aspirant Racheal Owusuah had 11,383 votes.[7]

Ein committees

As he dey parliament, he dey de Special Budget Committee, de Foreign Affairs Committee den also member of de Poverty Reduction Strategy Committee.[8][9]

Ein personal life

Paul bi Christian.[10][11][12][13]

Ein philanthropy

Inside December 2021, he go donate food den other assorted items give about 200 widows for de Dormaa East constituency.[14][15] He san go give hospital beds den medical equipment to de Wamfie District Hospital. Paul san donated working equipment den tools to about 400 apprentices den workers for Wamanafo and Wamfie.[16]


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