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Bimbilla be de capital town of Nanumba North District, district wey dey insyd de Northern Region of Ghana.[1] Edey de East of de region, wey edey closer de Oti River.[2]

human settlement
Official nameBimbilla Edit
Official languageEnglish, Dagbani Edit
ContinentAfrica Edit
CountryGhana Edit
Capital ofNanumba North Municipal District Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityNorthern Region, Nanumba North Municipal District Edit
LocationNorthern Region Edit
Coordinate location8°51′33″N 0°3′34″E Edit
Located in time zoneUTC±00:00 Edit


Naa Mnantambo (Na Gbewa ein kiddie) wey found Bimbilla after he move south plus ein bro Sitobu wey found de present day Dagomba state. Dem subsequently dey bell de fresh state Nanung wey komot from de Dagbani words "Na" (King anaa Chief) den "Nua" (Hand).[2] Dem claim say Na Sitobu point ein hand south wey Na Mnatambo den ein followers go dat direction wey de hand indicate. So "Na Nua" (De King ein hand) cam turn Nanumba.[2] Among de towns dem create for de early period around 1350 insyd be Nakpa, Bakpaba, Joanayili, Dokpam, Chamba, Gbingbalga, Darayili, den Wulensi all Nanumba towns wey dey Northern Ghana.[2] Later addition be Salaga wey de Gonja take den turn am go commercial capital. De German colonial army attack Bimbilla den burn am down for 29 November 1896 as precursor go de great battle of Adibo against de Dagomba army.[2] Now nu Bimbila be district capital of de Nanumba North district.[2]


De Evangelical Presbyterian Church set up teachers training college for de town insyd for 1962; now nu dem dey bell am E.P. College of Education. E sanso get one senior high school wey be day school den one vocational training school wey dey service chaw small villages/towns. Chaw of ein successful inhabitants school for Yendi anaa Tamale insyd as for de past insyd dem deem de senior high school as less endowed.


Dem connect Bimbilla by road dey go towns of Salaga den Yendi. De European Union dey fund $50 million for road dey go Nkwanta.[3]

Chieftaincy dispute den unrest

For June 19, 2014, dem shoot den kill Bimbila ein chief Naa Abdulai Dasana Andani for ein palace insyd after Islamic evening prayers.[4] Secof dis murder dem lead imposition for 12-hour curfew from 6 pm go 6 am for de town top.[5]


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