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Berekum West District be one of de twelve districts in Bono Region, Ghana.[1] Originally na edey part of den old bola Berekum District for 10 March 1989, wey dem take create am from de den Berekum-Jaman District Council (wey dem later upgrade am go municipal assembly status wey dem rename am as Berekum Municipal District for 29 February 2008); until de western part of de district was split off to create Berekum West District for 15 March 2018; thus dem rename de part wey remain as Berekum East Municipal.[2][3] De assembly dey for de western part for de Bono Region den Jinijini be ein capital town.[4]

Berekum West District
districts of Ghana
CountryGhana Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityBono Region Edit
Coordinate location7°26′0″N 2°39′0″W Edit


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