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De Assin (san be known as Asin and Asen) be ethnic group of de Akan people wey dey live for Ghana inside. De Assin people dey live predominantly for Central Region for Ghana inside.[1] De capital of de Assin district be Assin Foso.

ethnic group
CountryGhana Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityCentral Region Edit
LocationCentral Region Edit

Two subdivisions of de Assin people wey dey. De Assin Apemanim (or Apimenem) dey live for de east of de Cape-Coast-Kumasi Highway, wey Manso be dema capital city. De Assin Attendansu (or Atandanso) dey live for de west of de Highway, wey Nyankumasi be dema capital city.[1]

For 1995, na dema estimated population be 135,000.[1]


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