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De Agnis people (or Anyi) be Akan people wey dey live for West Africa insyd. Dem be approximately 1,200,000, mainly for Ivory Coast insyd. Dem san dey Ghana insyd. Dem be de first people, for de region insyd, dem come into contact plus de European colonizers during de 18th century.

Anyi people
ethnic group
Part ofAkan people Edit
CountryGhana, Ivory Coast, Togo Edit


According to different sources, chaw forms of dema name go fi be observe: Agnis, Ani, Anya, Anyi, Anyis, Ndenie.



De Agnis people originate from de Nile River Valley. Dem keep de name of de first verified tribe wey dem found Ta-Mery (De Beloved Land, for Lower Egypt insyd): De Anis, dem comot from Ta-Khent (first Land, de beginning, for Ancient Ethiopia insyd), wey e san be called Ta-Neter (De divine land). Agnis kings hold de title Amon, name give de demiurgic figure for Egyptian cosmogony insyd: Amon Azenia (16th century), Amon Tiffou (17th century), Amon Aguire (19th century).

At de beginnin of de 18th century, de first Agnis, dey come from de Ashanti kingdom from Ghana, dem cross de Ivorian frontier plus another Akans group. Wen dem catch de Aby lagoon, dem found de Indenie kingdom, de Sanwi kingdom as well as de Moronous kingdom plus de Mrôfo Agnis.

E be important to note say oda subgroups dey exist, like de Agnis-Assonvon near Ebilassokro, wey dey de East of de Ivory Coast.


11% of Agnis dey live for Abengourou insyd: de main city for de old Indenie kingdom insyd. De rest of de people spread out ova de regions of N'zi-Comoé, Zanzan, de Sanwi kingdom as well as a minority for Ghana insyd.

Southern cities

From 1990 on, social divide for dos wey dem dey big cities insyd emerge: de forest people gather for de areas wey de savannah peoples mainly migrate to.



De Akan people generally dey operate under a monarchial system wey be true for de Anyi. Before France colonize de regions w:ey de Anyi inhabit na three castes dey: nobility, freemen, den slaves. Today usually local headman dey, wey council of elders dey direct den san dey represent hin constituency for regional politics insyd. Like oda Akan peoples, de Anyi get highly stratified society wey dey include hierarchical political administration plus titled officials who proudly dey display dema rank den power. De Anyi be matrilineal people, wey dema women get relatively high social status exhibited for both de political den economic arenas insyd.


Anyi village, 1892

De Anyi dey live for loose neighborhoods for family housing complexes wey be generally spread apart. Funerary images den monuments be de preferred forms of art of de Anyi. Family often dey display hin affluence thru de decadence of hin memorials dem think say greater beauty dey indicate greater respect to dos bein memorialize.


If you want marry you for provide three things

  • O-Bla-kale: financial assistance for de bride hin education maintenance
  • Adyia-tila: so say dem go purchase de trousseau
  • Be-ti-sika: dey bind de girl den hin parents

Dem dey frown upon adultery wey sumtimes dem dey banish people from villages sake of am den even kill dem.

De women get to admit how chaw lovers dem get, so say dem go save dema lives den dema children dema own. De hubby fit decide to forgive dem or no go gree.


De Anyi dey follow traditional belief Akan religion den Islam den Christianity. For de traditional belief insyd wen one dey live hin life so say dem go kai den pet am as ancestor be primary motivations. Dema religious system dey base for de continued honoring top for hin departed ancestors. Wen person pass away elaborate ceremony dey follow, wey dey involve ritual washing, dressing de decease for fine garments insyd den gold jewelry so say dem go lay am in state for up to three days, den mourning period wey dey allow de family den community show dema respect give de departed so say e go guarantee welcome give am for de spirit world insyd.

Among de Agnis people, dem dey bell de féticheur Kômian. For de Akan societies for Ghana insyd den de Ivorian Coast, Kômian dey qualify every body plus knowledge of de occult. Kômians fit mow dema knowledge give de monarchs or predict de future. Dema magical/religious dey trance allow make dem learn concepts wey mere mortal never go fit do. Dem dey gather Kômians for secret societies insyd.


De Agnis language be part of de Niger-Congo languages. Allegedly, 250 000 speakers wey dey for Sud-Comöe insyd.