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De Akyem be Akan people. Dem dey use de term Akyem (Akem, Akim or Aki) to descibe group of four states: Asante Akyem, Akyem Abuakwa, Akyem Kotoku den Akyem Bosome. Dem dey locate dis nations primarily for de Eastern region for south Ghana inside. Dem san dey use de term de general area wer de Akyem ethnic group dey cluster. De Akyem ethnic group dey make up between 3-4 percent of Ghana hin population wey dey depend on how one dey define de group wey dem be very prominent for all aspects Ghanaian life inside. De Akyem be matrilineal people. De history of dis ethnic group be dat of brave warriors wey dem manage to create influential den relatively independent state wey dey thrive often for modern-day Ghana inside.[1] Wen one dey talk of Ghanaian history, often nu dem dey mention The Big Six. Dis be six individuals wey dem play big role for Ghana hin independence. Of de big six, Akyem people wey dem make up de majority.

ethnic group
Part ofAkan people Edit
Native languageTwi Edit
Religion or worldviewCatholicism, Protestantism Edit
CountryGhana Edit
Ghana Place Names URLhttps://sites.google.com/site/ghanaplacenames/peoples-states/akan#h.ml6mlvwffqly Edit

Today Akyem people

Pre den post colonially, de Akyem involve for de intellectual den pan-African ideology inside wey make Ghana unique among hin peers. Several of de political den educated elite be Akyem descent. Dis influence dey continue today for modern Ghana inside. Dem assimilate de Akyem under de common Ghanaian identity wey ethnicity no dey play role as e dey play for oda countries inside.[2]

Ohum Festival

Sometimes de traditional area of de Akyem be known as Kwaebibirim or de "Birim Forest" sake of hin abundance for rich natural resources. Dis area dey de tropical forest inside plus fertile river valleys, deep loamy soil den fresh fauna. De famous river Birim wey dey water de land. De river Birim be de source of Ghana hin diamond. Dem derive de spiritual, physical den philosophical sustenance for de Akyem people from river Birem. De Akyem no dey worship de river per se, dem dey revere am as dema source of inspiration, wey dey give dem life den strength.

During de Ohum festival, Akyems dey thank de creator for blessing dema land plus such magnificent river (Birim). De products wey dey comot from de Akyems land den river be symbols wey dem use kai ancestors wey struggle den preserve to keep de society intact. During de festival de descendants dey pledge to continue de tradition, to keep Okyeman strong den free plus peace den prosperity. Den dem dey pledge allegiance to dema King (Okyehene) den dema sub-chiefs den elders for dema leadership den guidance. Dis ceremony of thanksgiving to de creator be de great festival of de Akyem people. Dem dey celebrate de Ohum festival for Akyem Abuakwa for two parts: de Ohumkan den de Ohumkyire. De chief den Akyem Tafo people dey visit de Gyempremo shrine so say dem go perform rituals den make sacrifices to de diety to celebrate de Ohum festival. Legend dey talk say any person wey go trip den fall for de return journey from de Gyempremo shrine never go live see de new year. For de Ohum Tuesday, dem forbid say dem go make any noise wey dey include fufu pounding, main staple diet give de Akan people till dusk.


Akyem dey practice Traditional Religion thru dema ancestors.


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