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Akwatia be sam town for Denkyembour insyd, sam district wey dey Eastern Region of south Ghana insyd den west of de Atewa Range for de Birim River basin insyd. Akwatia get 2013 settlement population of 23,766 people. Akwatia be de main center of diamond extraction for Ghana insyd. De town be de center of de Denkyembour parliamentary constituency.[1]

human settlement
CountryGhana Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityDenkyembour District Edit
Coordinate location6°3′0″N 0°48′0″W Edit
Located in time zoneGreenwich Mean Time Edit

Dema Facilities

Dema Education

Schools dey include St. Rose's´High School den Akwatia Technical Institute. De local football club be de Akwatia Diamond Stars.[2]

Dema Healthcare

Akwatia go fi boast of two hospitals, De Saint Dominic's Hospital den De Ghanaian Consolidated Diamonds Company Hospital (G.C.D Hospital). De Saint Dominic's Hospital wey dey Akwatia insyd be sam 320-bed facility, wey ebe well-equipped wey de hospital san open sam Eye Clinic for 2003.[3]

Diamond mining

De Akwatia diamond field dey lie for Birimian rocks insyd wey dem produce more than 100,000,000 carats (20,000 kg) of diamonds, wey ebe mostly industrial grade.[4] De Ghana government-owned Ghana Consolidated Diamonds (GCD) be de only formal commercial producer of diamonds, wey dey use strip mining plus Manitowoc draglines.[5] Dem identify Large additional resources of diamonds for de nearby Birim River deposits insyd, wey edey include sam altered meta-lamproite wey go fi represent sam primary diamond source.[6]


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