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The Akuapem be one of de main ethnic groups for de the Akan people wey dey base for Ghana insyd. Dem dey base mostly for south of de Eastern Region of Ghana.[1][2] De Akuapem people be indigenous patriarchal, Volta-Comoe-speaking Guans den matriarchal Kwa-speaking Akans.[3]

ethnic group
Subclass ofAkan people Edit
Country of citizenshipGhana Edit
Ancestral homeGhana Edit
Country of originGhana Edit
Ghana Place Names URLhttps://sites.google.com/site/ghanaplacenames/peoples-states/akan#h.4w4mrysl25iy Edit


The Akuapem formerly be Guan speakers, wey dey include de Larteh, Mamfe, Abotakyi, Mampong, Obosomase, den Tutu Guan blocks plus the Kyerepong (Okere) Guan blocks, wey sana dey comprise Abiriw, Dawu, Awukugua, Adukrom, Apirede, den Abonse-Asesieso. De localities wey dey speak Akan Twi dey include de capital, Akropong, den Amanokurom, wey be home to immigrants wey dey komot from Akyem den Mampong, who sana dey come from Asante Mampong for Ashanti Region insyd.[4]

Nana Ansa Sasraku I of Akwamu, a renowned warrior king, wey give de multi-ethnic people de name Akuapem. De word "thousand groups" (Nkuu apem) for Akan Twi insyd be de source of de name. After de people overpower ein Akwamu invasion force, wey he give dem these names. De term "Nkuu apem" became corrupted wey turn Akuapem as we currently know.[5]


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