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Akua Donkor (dem born am 1952) be Ghanaian politician, founder den leader give Ghana Freedom Party (GFP).[1]

Akua Donkor
Sex or genderfemale Edit
Country of citizenshipGhana Edit
Given nameAkua Edit
Family nameDonkor Edit
Date of birthFebruary 1952 Edit
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish Edit
Occupationfarmer, politician Edit

Ein early life

Dem born Donkor for February 1952 insyd, wey she dey hail from Afigya Kwabre District wey dey Ashanti Region for insyd Ghana. She be cocoa farmer by profession. She no be known say she get any formal education.[2]


Dem elect Madam Donkor as assembly woman give Herman,[2] wey be step towards achieving ein ambition say she go be presido give Ghana.Ein ambition say she wan be presido be evident insyd de 2012 polls wey she apply make she contest as independent candidate. Howeva de Electoral Commission bar am. Ein party, Ghana Freedom Party get ein headquarters for Kabu wey dey Eastern Region for Ghana insyd. However fire gut am[3] for 22, January 2016. Dis no deter ein ambition make she cam turn presido. For ein view, de start of political party be stepping stone make you cam turn presido.[4] Now nu Madam Donkor dey in de process make she open regional offices give ein party for all de regions for Ghana insyd.[5]

Ein campaign promise

Wen dem elect am as presido, Madam Donkor promise say she go make education free from primary go secondary level. She sanso dey seek make she raise import for taxes top so say people go import more, she sanso go establish free zone for de port for Tema so say e go attract more businesses.[2] Dem go fi achieve dis thru dem go use Ghana ein resources such as Gold, cocoa, shea butter den salt. Muammar Gaddafi, be ein political icon, na she get de view say Ghana for be able make e rub shoulders plus Libya for de production den sale of oil insyd.[5]

Madam Donkor appeal to Ghanaians say make dem elect woman as presido secof woman get de capacity make dem transform de developmental process for dis country.[5]


For 10 October 2016, de Ghana Electoral Commission announce say e disqualify Akua Donkor togeda plus 12 oda presidential candidates make dem no contest for de 7 December 2016 election insyd.[6] She admit say ein nomination form be freight plus errors as de EC point out. She call ein members den executives of de party make dem no lose hope as de party go bounce back insyd 2020 make dem contest for de presidential race insyd.[7]


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