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Akropong be sam town wey dey South Ghana wey ebe de capital of de Akuapim North District, sam district for de Eastern Region of South Ghana insyd.[1] Dem know dis town for how dem dey produce snails den palm oil.[2] For 2013 insyd na Akropong get settlement population of 13,785 people.[3]

human settlement
ContinentAfrica Edit
CountryGhana Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityAkuapim North Municipal District Edit
Coordinate location5°58′27″N 0°5′17″W Edit
Located in time zoneGreenwich Mean Time, UTC±00:00 Edit


Na Akropong be site of sam mission station wey Basel Mission dey run am. Akwapim wey we dey see today cam turn wat ebe from immigration den tribal wars. About 1300 A.D de Guan people cam settle for de Akwapim mountains from de Attara Finam wey dey Volta region insyd.[4]


Na Akuapem den Akropong be kingdom-states for South-Eastern Ghana insyd. Plus de enthronement of de Akyem King for 1773 insyd go de throne of Akropong alongsyd de throne of Akuapem, de kingdom cam turn sam double state wey be de Akropong–Akuapem Kingdom.

King Oseadeeyo Addo Dankwa III of Akropong hold de "sacred seat" of de Akuapem-Asona, one of de seven major Akan clans, for sixteen years. For 1733 insyd, Akwamu launch ein army against de city-State of Akropong, wey na dem spare dem from de Ashanti conquests. So say ego defend ein body nu, de city bell soldiers wey dey like war, de Akim, den people wey san be hereditary enemies of de Ashanti. Dem save Akropong, wey dem enthrone de chief (king) of de Akim as de King of Akropong as reward.[5]

De Akan

49.1% of de population of Ghana be Akan Nations, de Akan Nations be sam linguistic group of West Africa. Dis group dey include de Akuapem, de Akyem, de Ashanti, de Baoulé, de Brong/Abron, de Fante den de Nzema people wey dey cover de Brong Ahafo, Ashanti, Western, Central, den Eastern Regions, as well as portions of de midsection of de Volta Region, den North Ghana. Cross-bordering go Togo insyd, den town wey dey cover Côte d'Ivoire Akan; Akye, Aowin den Baoulé Nations for de Southern insyd, Central den Eastern Region of Ivory Coast dey form approximately 18-20% of de Ivory Coast population wey edey relate lines further go de neighbouring francophone Countries insyd den go Nigeria insyd, wey dey form as collective Kingdom Nations Tribal lines one of de largest Major Kingdom Nations for African Continent top. Temperatures dey range between 20 °C for August insyd den 32 °C for March insyd wey de average be approximately 23.88 °C.

From de 15th century go 19th century, de Akan people do chaw gold mining den gold trade for de region insyd. Akan art be wide-ranging den renowned, especially for de tradition of crafting bronze gold weights, use de lost wax method of casting do am. Branches of de Akan dey include de Abron den de Afutu. De Akan culture be de most dominant den apparent for present-day Ghana insyd.

De People of Akropong dey practise de matrilineal system of inheritance.[6]


De People of Akropong dey celebrate Odwira wey dis ceremony dem usually dey do am for September/October isnyd. Odwira be one of Ghana ein chaw festivals wey dey see attendance from people from all walks of life wey dey include de diaspora.[7][8]

For chaw decades, de Odwira Festival cam make sam staple of Ghana ein colourful, vibrant den diverse cultural expression, wey dey bring togeda people from all walks of life make dem celebrate themes of victory, gratitude den harvest, for unity insyd. However, even before Odwira cam turn sam part of Ghana ein cultural landscape de Akropong, Amanokrom den Aburi menners for Eastern Region insyd dey celebrate am always.[8]

Key cultural activities

  • (Monday) De day of purification

Clearing of de path go Amanprobi – ebe de First settlement wey Akyem warriors wey ana Safori dey lead establish am for 1730 insyd, wey cam turn de First Okuapehene for 1733 insyd. Ebe de Abrafo (State Executioners) den demma Chief, Adumhene wey dey lead dis private ancient custom. Dem dey usher de Odwira plus purification of de Kingdom plus herbs.

  • (Tuesday) De day of harvest

De parading of de harvest of new yams thru de principal streets of Akropong, capital of Okuapeman wey dem dey accompany am plus singing, drumming den dancing. De Abrafo dey stop periodically so say dem go break de new yams go pieces insyd den lef am for de streets top give kiddies den odas so say dem go collect, cook den eat am. For de late afternoon insyd, de Abrafo amidst de firing of musketry dey return go Amanprobi so say dem go perform private rituals den formally present de Odwira give Okuapehene wey dey seat for state insyd for de Palace insyd plus ein Divisional den oda sub-chiefs. For arrival for de Palace, de Abrafo dey go de Okuapehene ein der direct wey dem go drap for sam traditional cloth insyd. Intense firing of musketry, drumming den dancing dey complete de traditional day of activities.

  • (Wednesday) Opening of de Adae Butuw, Commemoration of de dead den de Cleansing of Stools den regalia for de Ademi River insyd.

Dem dey precede Activities for de day plus drumming so say ego signify de traditional lifting of de ban for noisemaking top, wey dem impose 40 days earlier for preparation for de Odwira festival top. Dem dey dedicate dis sacred day give de living den de dead so say dem go reconnect. Dem dey honour den mourn Traditional rulers, individuals, members of families den communities wey die for de course of de year insyd. Dis day san dey enable friends den sympathisers wey no fi attend funerals so say dem go symbolically pay demma respects.

For 10pm insyd, dem dey impose sam curfew for Akropong top. Under de cloak of symbolic darkness, de Abrafo dey take de Stools den regalia of Okuapeman go Ademi mu (de river) for de sacred cleansing rituals. If dem dey return, dem dey present demm body den de cleansed Stools as well as regalia. For dis private ceremony insyd, de Okuapehene symbolically dey strips naked, wey dem dey wrap am for sam sacred strip of cloth wey he dey fire 3 rounds of sam musket, wey dey signify de close of de day.

  • (Thursday) De day of Feasting

For dis day insyd, de pouring of libation for de Stool room insyd den de presentation of sam traditional menu – dem dey make mashed yam, boiled eggs den salt free mutton. Dem dey repeat dis solemn process for both Amanprobi den for Nsoremu (edey de boundary between Akropong den de Abiriw market, dis be de site wer de elders of de original Guan inhabitants meet plus de Akyem warriors wey dem dey grant dem de latter, de right say dem go both settle den govern as de Paramount Chief. Typically, sam colourful procession dey include de Okuapehene, wey de Krontihene dey follow den oda Chiefs for order of seniority insyd. Maidens dey carry bowls of food, water den schnapps.

De Okuapehene usually dey tap for state for de Palace insyd so say he go receive homage from ein Chiefs, Elders, Friends of Okuapeman, de Clergy, Government Officials, Members of de Diplomatic Corps den de public. De guests dey present traditional gifts of firewood, livestock, foodstuffs, drinks, clothes den money.

  • (Friday) De Grand Durbar

De Chiefs, Elders den People of Okuapeman dey congregate for Mpeniase (de forecourt of de Okuapehene ein Palace) so say dem go publicly pay homage. Clergy, Government Officials den odas too dey attend, de Okuapehene dey present sam review of de year den he go outline projects den development activities for de new year. De Okuapehene dey receive goodwill messages from de Government den ein people, for both hose den uptee.


Akropong dey north east of Accra, wey de journey from Accra go Akropong be one (1) hour.[9]

Secof de altitude of Akropong, de climate be cooler pass ein neighbouring Accra. De road wey dey climb de hillside go Akropong be sam toll road.[10]

Higher charge dey give vans den lorries. From de road most of Greater Accra be visible below, although de one wey dey stop space for pictures for dis section of road get "No Stopping" sign.


Dem notable for de famous Adowa dance.

Clash plus Abiriw

For 2002 go 2003 insyd , na sam clash dey between Abiriw den ein neighbouring town Akropong. Dis clash make chaw menners die. Dis be 2002 insyd.

De fight affect development activities for de otherwise peace-loving communities of de Akuapem State wey demma citizens wear broad smiles even for de face of extreme provocation.

Consequently, for 20 years de divisional chiefs of Aburi, Larteh den Adukrom refuse say dem go attend de Odwira Festival of de chiefs den people of Akuapem for Akropong.[11][12]

Koforidua peace accord

De five divisional chiefs of Okuapeman for 27 August 2013 insyd sign sam peace accord for Koforidua insyd wey dem bell oda chiefs den de people of de area so say dem go dedicate demma body den maintain peace den unity plus demma body.

De Koforidua Peace Accord dey bring sam end plus de 20-year-old chieftaincy dispute wey cause deep divisions among de chiefs den de people of de area.

De five chiefs, wey sign de accord, as well as de Eastern Regional Minister, Ms Helen A. Ntoso, den ein team wey facilitate de mediation efforts, dey deserve commendation for de good work dem do..[11][12]

Chieftaincy dispute

Following de death of Nana Addo Dankwa III for 2015 insyd, Akropong for de recent years embroil for chieftaincy conflict den de chaotic manner wey dem destool ein successor, den de subsequent enstoolment of de current occupant of de Akuapem stool.

De Okoman Council of de Akuapem Traditional Area, for de Eastern Region insyd, appeal give President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, as matter of urgency say make he intervene for de chieftaincy fight for Okuapeman insyd, so say he go ensure continuous peace for de area insyd.

Afta say National Security cam intervene, Akuapem Traditional Council form sam seven-member committee for December 22, 2017 insyd, so say dem go resolve de chieftaincy dispute, but dem later dissolve secof sam death threats plus sam of de members.

Na Otoobour Djan Kwasi II be chairman give de defunct committee.

De Paramount queen mother, Nana Afua Nketiaa Obuo select Odehyie Kwasi Akuffo wey she install am as de new Okuapenhene, but anoda faction install Nana Kese as de paramount chief.[13][14]

Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo III win wey he ascend de Okuapeman stool (alias de Ofori Kuma stool), wey dey under de Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo III for 3 May 2020 insyd,[15][16] wey he succeed ein late uncle Oseadeyo Addo Dankwa III wey die for 2015 insyd, afta say he rule for ova 40 years.[17][18][19]

Demma education

Akropong get chaw educational institutions across all de town. De first teachers training college for Ghana insyd, Presbyterian Training College dey Akropong insyd. De Presbyterian Church get university for de town insyd as well[20][21]

Akropong san be known for ein Special education give de blind (Akropong School for de Blind)[22][23]

Below be sam of de chaw secondary schools wey dey Akropong insyd.

Notable people

Make you see dis one too


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