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Ahmed Bening Wiisichong bi Ghanaian Youth Leader, He san be Pan Africanist den Social engineer. Dem elect am as Secretary General for Pan African Youth Union[1][2][3] for November 2021 inside for de 4th Ordinary Congress for de Pan African Youth Union wey e happen for Niamey,Niger.[4] He san bi Africa Head Commonwealth Youth Innovation Hub.[5]

Ahmed Bening
Sex or gendermale Edit
Country of citizenshipGhana Edit
Given nameAhmed Edit
Family nameBening Edit
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish Edit
Occupationpundit, social entrepreneur Edit
Educated atNandom Senior High School, University for Development Studies Edit

Ein education

He go Secondary for Nandom Senior High School den University of Development Studies,Tamale.

Ein career

Ahmed job as Chairman of Operation for Africa Youth Conneckt.[6] Dem elect am as deputy secretary -general for Pan African Youth Union[7][8][9][10] for 2018 at dema 5th Ordinary Congress for Pan Africa Youth Union for Khartoum, Sudan.[11]

He lead menners as dem discuss the xenophobic attacks wey e happen for South Africa as dem san do some comprehensive strategy wey e for build cohesion wey e for tear down xenophobia. He be de Board member of South Africa BRICKS Youth Forum den Board Chair of Future Team Ghana. He serve as de secretary-general of West Africa Youth Organization between 2013 den 2015. He serve as deputy commissioner for Great Run Africa den programs director for de All Africa Students Union. He san serve as de secretary for de National Union of Ghana Students.

He bi Board Member for South Africa BRICKS Youth Forum den Board Chair for Future Team Ghana. He job as Secretary-general for West Africa Youth Organization for 2013 to 2015. He san serve as deputy commisioner for the Great Run Africa den programs director for All Africa Students Union. He job as secretary for de National Union of Ghana Students.[12]

Ein achievements

  • Africa's most influential Youth Award by Afrabie Awards as de first Ghanaian wey de Afro-Arab Council award am[13]
  • Most inspirational Youth 2018 by Youth Mentors Achievers Awards, Upper West Regional Edition.[12]


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