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De Agave (san be Crophy) be ethnic group wey dey Ghana, dem dey belong to de Ewe peoples. Dem dey mainly for de west of de Volta River den north of de Songhor Lagoon.[1]

Agave people
ethnic group
Part ofEwe Edit
CountryGhana Edit

De Agave people be one of de largest Ewe subgroups. Dem dey live for de southern part of de Volta region for de republic of Ghana. Now nu, dem dey locate around de delta den estuary for de Volta River for both de east den de west banks. De Agave people get fifteen clans wey dem be traditionally ruled by paramount chief, wey warrior chiefs dey surround am.[2]

Originally nu, na dem be part of de Agasuvi dynasty for de Adza Kingdom. Agave lead de breakaway faction thru chao places wey dey include Ngortsie, Tsevie, Gafe, Agavedzi, Tsiame, Klidziand, den finally Agave Fedome. Dem take de divine elephant Ivory Royal Stool comot from Adza to Agave wey be de soul of de Agave people.[2]

De Agave(s) get specialize for riverine den wetland activity insyd.[2] Dem dey share de same culture plus de Ewes for Togo den Dahomey. Agave-Afedume wey dey locate for island top srve as de spiritual den de ancestral home give de people of Agave. Sogakofe be one of de main commercial town give de Agave people. Dabala wey be about 35 kilometers from Sogakope dey serve as de traditional head give de Kingdom of Agave. De Overlord of Agave dey for Dabala insyd. De original land space of de Agave people dey span from dema current settlements wey dey share boundaries plus Avenors all de way to Ningo wey dey include de Songor Lagoon. Dat de explain why dem get multiplicity of tribes for Ada-Foah insyd now. One of de most popular festival be Dzawuwu Festival wey dem dey do am annually for February insyd. E be festival for cleansing. De Agave spread go cover places like Adidome, Mafi, Battor, Mepe, Aveyime etc. Dem know de Agave for dema bravery for past till now. Kpotsonu wey be one of de villages wey dem get shrine wey warrior like Gati comot from de Tsiela clan live.


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