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De Adele people be ethnic group den tribe for de Ghanaian-Togo border area wey be indigenous to de Jasikan, Nkwanta South den Nkwanta North Districts for de Volta Region wey dey center around de towns of Dadiasi den Dutukpene for Ghana insyd den de Sotouboua Prefecture for de Centrale Region wey dey center around de towns of Assouma Kedeme den Tiefouma for Togo insyd.[1] De Adele people be agriculturalists, primarily dem dey farm yams, cassava, plantain, beans, den rice.[2]

Adele people
ethnic group, isolated human group
CountryGhana, Togo Edit


1960 census estimate say 2,400 Adele people wey dey for Ghana insyd.[3] Now nu, de tribe get 37,400 population size approximately.[4][5]

Oda cultural groups for Ghana-Togo border region insyd dey include de Atwode, Basari, Bimoba, Buems, Chokosi, Ewe, Guang, Konkomba, Kotokoli, den Likpe peoples.[6]


De Adele language be one of de Ghana–Togo Mountain dema languages wey de Adele, Kunda, Animere, den Northern Ghanaian peoples dey speak.[7]

Adele Women

De Adele Women be agricultural group wey dey de Upper Volta region for Ghana. Dem dey practice subsistence farming wey Permaculture Network train dem for Permaculture insyd for Ghana insyd.[8][9]


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