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Adansi Asokwa District be one of de forty-three districts wey dey Ashanti Region for Ghana insyd. At first na e be part of de then bigger Adansi North District somewhere February 2004 there before dem separate de southeast part wey dem get opportunity create Adansi Asokwa District. E be 15 March 2018 wey dem create de Adansi Asokwa District wey dem name de remaining part of de district Adansi North. We go fi find de district assembly for de southern part for Ashanti Region insyd wey Adansi Asokwa be de district capital town.

Adansi Asokwa District
districts of Ghana
CountryGhana Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityAshanti Region Edit
LocationAshanti Region Edit
Coordinate location6°17′0″N 1°31′0″W Edit
Shares border withBosome Freho District, Adansi North District, Asante Akim south district of Ghana, Obuasi East Municipal District, Adansi South District Edit


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