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Achimota Forest Reserve be forest wey dey Achimota for Okaikwei North Municipality for Greater Accra Region.[1][2] E dey protection from people wey no get authorization like people wey dem poach, buildings wey dem dey do as house, hunting den shoppin malls[3] from people dem persons. E be one of de green area for Accra as e dey help control carbon emission.[4]

Achimota Forest
forest reserve
Inception1930 Edit
Official nameAchimota Forest Reserve Edit
CountryGhana Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityOkaikwei North Municipal District, Greater Accra Region Edit
Coordinate location5°37′29″N 0°12′13″W Edit


Dem gazette de forest for 1930 inside wey e get total size of 494.95 hectares. De size as e dey now for de forest reserve be 360 hectares. Dem establish de forest reserve wey dem establish create green buffer for Accra City de Achimota School. Chao of animals wey dey Accra zoo dem move go de forest reserve as dem build Presidential palace. For now now, e be managed by arboretum den Wildlife Rescue Center. Animals wey e dey der be pythons, camel, ostriches, hyenas, monkeys den odas you go see for de forest reserve insyd.[5]


De Forestry Commision for Ghana plan say dem go change de forest reserve go do eco-tourism center, dem go name am "Accra Eco Park'.[6] As dem go do de eco-park e go have watering points, salt licks,viewing platform, landscaping, veterinary, introduction for wildlife, biodiversity hotspots, camping sites, road network, ecolodges den fencing.[7][8]


  • Dem fi keep animal species den allow animals den birds be dema natural habitats insyd.
  • Make revenue for tourism top
  • Promote clean energy for human health den environmental quality.
  • Promote species as dem no go extinction
  • E go improve de air, water quality, richer terrestrial den aquatic habitat, cool air temperatures.
  • E be place reservoir for medicinal plant such as de preservation of plants den herbs wey e get medical benefits.
  • E go reduce radiation level as den go decrease green house gases.[9]


For May 2022 inside, den report say some parts for de forest inside dem declassified as forest reserve meaning say eno be reserve.[10] Samuel Abu Jinapor deny say de government gazzette an Executive Intrusment (E.I) wey approve de re-designation, en sale or develop de forest reserve.[11][12] Some family wey dem bell Owoo Family dey claim say dem be de original owners as dem own de land de forest dey top. De time between 1921 den 1927, de colonial government get am for Achimota School. De statement de family release talk say dem no get any compensation as dem take am for 1927inside.[13] Dem also dey talk say dem no treat dem better koraa dem take de land.[14][15][16]


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