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Achiase District be one of de thirty-three districts wey dey Eastern Region for Ghana insyd.[1] Na ebe originally den formerly part of de den-larger den first Birim South District (wey Akim Oda be ein capital town) for 1988 inyd, wey dem create am from de former Birim District Council, till dem split off de southern part of de district wey dem create de Birim South District for 29 February 2008 insyd; dat be say dem rename de remaining part as Birim Central Municipal District, wey Akim Oda be ein capital town. However for 15 March 2018 insyd, till dem split off de eastern part of de district wey dem create Achiase District; dat be say dem rename de remaining part as Birim South District. De district assembly dey de southwest part of Eastern Region wey Achiase be ein capital town.[2]

Achiase District
districts of Ghana
CountryGhana Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityEastern Region Edit
Coordinate location5°50′6″N 0°59′49″W Edit

Dema background

Oda towns wey dey de district insyd dey include Aperade, Akenkasu, Osorase, Akim Anyinam den Anamase among odas. Achiase District be relatively sam new district wey dey hia infrastructural development across all dema sectors. Akim Achiase be de main commercial Centre plus two major market days for every week insyd for every Tuesdays den Fridays. For such days top, de district capital dey get busy plus heavy trading primarily from traders wey dey across towns den villages for de district insyd den from nearby districts lyk Birim South, Birim Central den Asikuma-Odoben-Brakwa. De district currently get two senior high schools namely Achiase Senior High den Aperade Senior High. De district san get railway coverage from Achiase thru dey go Aperade but currently edey require investment secof de lines make idle for ova sam decade. De Ghana Armed Forces san get Jungle Warfare Training School for Achiase insyd wey dem dey bell am Seth Anthony Barracks as dem name am afta Major Seth Anthony, de first black African Soldier wey turn officer for de British Army insyd.

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