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Achiase be town wey dey double as de district capital of Achiase District wey form out of de Birim South District for February 2019 insyd for Eastern Region of Ghana. Achiase san be Akim Achiase, Akyem Achiase anaa Akyem Akyease wey officially, most documents dey refer dis town as Akim-Achiase. For Google maps top, dem list am as Akyease. De Chief of Achiase (Achiasehene) be de 2nd In command give de Ninfa Division of de Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Area. De Achiasehene, Daasebre Gyenin Kantan II, dey play sam critical role traditionally wey dem label as Takwa wey dey mean say Military Intelligence Unit wey ein title be Takwahene for de Abuakwa Traditional Area insyd wey literally dey mean Intelligence Chief. Achiase san dey house sam Military Jungle Warfare Training School give de Ghana Military wey ename be Seth Anthony Barracks. Dis military school san dey offer trategic training so say ego corporate organisations wey dey seek ein services. Ova de years, multinationals like MTN dey plus de corporate bodies wey dem train for de facility insyd.[1]

human settlement
CountryGhana Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityBirim South District Edit
Coordinate location5°50′0″N 1°0′0″W Edit


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