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Abuja (/əˈbuːdʒə/)[1] bi de capital den eighth most populous city for Nigeria.[2] Edey de centre of de country wey dey within de Federal Capital Territory (FCT), dem plan go build de city mainly insyd de 1980s based on a master plan by International Planning Associates (IPA),[3][4] bi consortium for three American planning den architecture firms wey dey make up of Wallace, Roberts, McHarg & Todd (WRMT – a group of architects) as demma lead, Archisystems International (a subsidiary for de Howard Hughes Corporation), den Planning Research Corporation. De Central Business District for Abuja dem design am by Japanese architect Kenzo Tange.[5][6][7] Dem replace Lagos, de country ein most populous city, as de capital for 12 December 1991.[8][9]

city, capital city, big city, million city
Inception1828 Edit
Official nameAbuja Edit
Native labelAbuja Edit
DemonymAbujanais, Abujanaise Edit
CountryNigeria Edit
Capital ofNigeria, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Municipal Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityFederal Capital Territory Edit
Coordinate location9°3′20″N 7°29′29″E Edit
Member ofWorld Tourism Cities Federation Edit
Located in time zoneUTC+01:00 Edit
Twinned administrative bodyBrasília Edit
Official websitehttps://www.fcta.gov.ng/ Edit
Time of earliest written record1700 Edit
Category for the view of the itemCategory:Views of Abuja Edit

Abuja ein geography dem define am by Aso Rock, a 400-metre (1,300 ft) monolith left by water erosion. De Presidential Complex, National Assembly,[10] Supreme Court den much of de city dem extend am go south for de rock. Zuma Rock, a 792-metre (2,598 ft) monolith, edey lie just north for de city wey dey de expressway to Kaduna.[11] However dem gey long dispute wey dey between FCTA den de Niger State Government over de rightful owner of Dakwa Local government area wey de Zuma Rock dem situate am, insyd 2018 both parties as dem reach an agreement say dem go stay off prior till wen dem go reach agreement say who dey own de Zuma Rock.[12][13][14][15]

At de 2006 census, de city for Abuja gey a population of 776,298[16] den 179,674 households[17] wey dey make am one of demma ten most populous cities insyd Nigeria (placing eighth as of 2006). According to de United Nations, Abuja grow by 139.7% as edey between 2000 den 2010, wey edey make am de fastest growing city insyd de world.[18] As of 2015, de city dey experience an annual growth for de least 35%, retaining ein position as de fastest-growing city for de African continent den one of de fastest-growing insyd de world.[19] As of 2016, de metropolitan area for Abuja bi estimate say at six million people, placing am behind only Lagos as de most populous metro area insyd Nigeria.[20][21]


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