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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Switching the language of the interface

If it is more comfortable for you to read in French, click the "English" link at the top of the page, and select "français" in the list. (When enough user interface strings are translated into Fon, it will be possible to change your language to Fon! See below.)

Enable the keyboard

See Project:Saisie.

Complete the translation of MediaWiki most important messages into Fon

  1. Go to https://translatewiki.net/
  2. Create an account
  3. Enable the keyboard (see Project:Saisie)
  4. Go to https://translatewiki.net/wiki/Special:Translate?filter=%21translated&action=translate&language=fon&group=core-0-mostused and translate strings one by one.

To create an article

  1. Go to the Main Page.
  2. Go to the input box above the "wéman yɔ́yɔ́" button.
  3. Write the article name after "Wp/fon/". For example, if you are creating an article about Romuald Boco, the input box must say: Wp/fon/Romuald Boco.
  4. Press "wéman yɔ́yɔ́".
  5. Start writing! At first, your article can be very short. You can expand it later.
  6. When you are ready to publish, press "Publish page" / "Publier la page".

Important things to do in every article

  1. If an article about the same topic exists in another language, add an interlanguage link to it. For example, to add a link from the Fon article Kutɔnu to the French Wikipedia article Cotonou, type: [[fr:Cotonou]]. This cannot be done in Visual Editor. This must be done in the source editor.
  2. Add the page to Category Wp/fon:
    • If you are using the Visual Editor:
      • Click on three stripes.
      • Click "Categories"
      • Type Wp/fon
      • Click "Apply changes".
    • If you are using the source editor, add the code [[Category:Wp/fon]] to the bottom of the article
  3. Add links between articles. Each link has the target, which must include the prefix "Wp/fon/", and the actual link text, which people read.
    • If you are using the Visual Editor:
    • Select the text that you want to link.
      • Click the link button at the toolbar.
      • Type "Wp/fon/target article name". For example, to link to the article Benin, type Wp/fon/Benin
      • Click "Done".
    • If you are using the source editor:
      • Type [[Wp/fon/Benin|Benin]].