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Charles Acheampong e la a Ghana pɔletesean ane begemaale die mɛmba ko a begemaale die anii, a Ghana republic anaare eŋɛ naŋ areko a Lower Wɛse Akim Gbandige a Taŋgõɔ Irigyiŋ poɔ ane Wɔɔ paate mɛmba a Gaana poɔ.[1] [2][3]O e la a Gaana Duori ŋmɛrɛ.[4]

Charles Acheampong
Sex or gendermale Leɛre
Country of citizenshipGhana Leɛre
Name in native languageCharles Acheampong Leɛre
Given nameCharles Leɛre
Family nameAcheampong Leɛre
Date of birth9 May 1981 Leɛre
Place of birthEastern Region Leɛre
Native languageTwi Leɛre
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish, Twi Leɛre
Occupationpolitician Leɛre
EmployerNational Communications Authority Leɛre
Position heldMember of the 4th Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana Leɛre
Academic degreemaster's degree Leɛre
Academic majorwireless communication Leɛre
Work locationAccra Leɛre
Member of political partyNew Patriotic Party Leɛre
Candidacy in election2020 Ghanaian general election Leɛre
Religion or worldviewChristianity Leɛre

Nyɔvore Piiluu ane Ganzanne

Acheampong, ba dɔge o la a 9 Mɛnoɔre, 1981 poɔ, O baa la a Osenase a Taŋgõɔ Irigyiŋ poɔ. O taa la o Masters degree in Wireless Communication a 2012 poɔ.[1][2]


Acheampong da e la yelmaale enna ko a National Communications Authority.[1][5]


Acheampong e la wɔɔ paate mɛmba ko Lower Akim Wɛse Gbandige a Taŋgõɔ Irigyiŋ poɔ.[6] [7][8]A 2020 Gaana zaa nu neɛ, O da di la a begemaale die dakogi ne 27,527 nuuri kyɛ ka a kataweɛ paate bie Micheal Adu-Sei meŋ nyɛ 19,744 nuuri, ka GUM paate bie Baidoo Seth Nicholas Kwame meŋ da nyɛ 464 nuuri a yi a nuuri zaa naŋ da neɛ.[9][10]


Acheampong e la a Public Accounts kɔmatee mɛmba ane duori ŋmɛ yɛlɛ kɔmatee mɛmba.[1]

Meŋɛ Nyɔvore Yɛlɛ

Acheampong e la kiristabie.[1][2]

Sommo Yizie

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