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Bagabaga College of Education (BACE) e la a kolaagi kanŋa naŋ be a Gaana paaloŋ poɔ, Nɔɔden uregin, Tamale paaloŋ.

Bagabaga College of Education
School of Pedagogy
Inception31 January 1944 Leɛre
Short nameBACE/BATCO Leɛre
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish Leɛre
AffiliationGovernment of Ghana Leɛre
CountryGhana Leɛre
Located in the administrative territorial entityNorthern Region Leɛre
LocationNorthern Region Leɛre
Coordinate location9°25′26″N 0°52′10″W Leɛre
Legislative bodySagnarigu Municipal District Leɛre
Operating areaNorthern Region Leɛre