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Augustine Tawiah ( ba na dɔge tadaare 27 Sentɔmbare, 1961) e la Ghanaian pɔleteesa ane mɛmba ko a begemaale die ayɔpoĩ ane anii a Ghana Republic anaare eŋɛ, naŋ are ko a Bia Wɛse Gbandige naŋ be Zẽɛbaa saazu sɛŋ Irigyiŋ a Kataweɛ paate yuori eŋɛ.[1]

Augustine Tawiah
Sex or gendermale Leɛre
Country of citizenshipGhana Leɛre
Date of birth27 September 1961 Leɛre
Native languageSefwi Leɛre
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish Leɛre
Occupationpolitician, pedagogue Leɛre
Position heldMember of the 7th Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana, Member of the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana Leɛre
Academic degreeDoctor of Ministry, Doctor of Education, Master of Science, certificate, Master of Arts Leɛre
Member of political partyNational Democratic Congress Leɛre
Candidacy in election2016 Ghanaian general election, 2020 Ghanaian general election Leɛre
Religion or worldviewChristianity Leɛre

Nyɔvore piiluu

Augustine Tawiah baa la Sefwi Asuopiri naŋ be Zẽɛbaa saazu sɛŋ Irigiŋ poɔ.[2]


Augustine Tawiah piili la o basic sakuuri Bia Desekyere poɔ naŋ be Zẽɛbaa saazu sɛŋ Irigyiŋ pampana, Ghana. O da paase la o common entrance enyɛ, na tõɔ gaa sɛkɔndere sakuuri. A  sɛkɔndere sakuuri Augustine Tawiah naŋ gaa la st.Thomas Aquinas Siinia Haae Sakuuri (SHS O-lɛvɛl ) ane Labone Siinia Haae sakuuri (SHS A-Lɛvɛl).[3] Augustine Tawiah nyɛ la Dɔgeta of Minisiri (Applied Theology ) 2006 poɔ, Dɔgeta of Ganzanne sɛtefekate (Leadership ane policy studies ) 2009 poɔ. Master of Theology, a master of science yi Yuniveniti of Memphis ane sɛtefekate Yuniveniti Wulloo. Augustine Tawiah meŋ taa la Dɔgeta of minisiri yi Harding yuniveniti, a master of Arts yi Lipscomb yuniveniti,  ane a cert-Hr Training yi a yuniveniti of Oklahoma.[4][2]

Toma ane Vuo aree

Augustine Tawiah tona la Ghana begemaale die a e mɛmba ko begemaale die (MP). O e la Lecturer ane consultant be Ghana Institute of Management ane public Administration (GIMPA). O na la be a vuo naŋ e Executive gansɛgerɛ ko a National Teaching Council Ghana poɔ ane a Academic Dean ko Ghana Christian yuniveniti kolaagyi.[2]


Augustine Tawiah e la begemaale die mɛmba (MP) ko Bia Wɛse Gbandige a Zẽɛbaa saazu sɛŋ Irigyiŋ poɔ.

Meŋɛ Nyɔvore

Augustine Tawiah e la kiristabie.

Sommo Yizie

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