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Da fahn di Inglish verzhan a Wikipedia moas a dis aatikl geh chranslayt, ahn di chanslayshan bays moasli pahn di meenin, noh werd-fi-werd.
This article has been translated primarily from the English version of Wikipedia, generally using a meaning-based translation approach.
Boat ku enta di konchri chroo sevral chekpaint. Komershal Poat Dehn: Big Krik Poat da wahn deep waata seepoat eena Sowt Bileez. Ih deh pahn Big Krik, Stan Krik dischrik. Ih mayn yoos da fi expoat banaana. Ada prodok weh paas chroo dis poat inklyood schrimps, fertilaiza, sichros, pilitz, ahn shuga dehnya dayz. Sohn a di tingz dis poat aafa inklyood tog ahn baaj, steevidoar saavis, prapati rental, shipin ayjensi, ahn stoarij. Pahn tap, da di dipaacha paint fi di ail fahn Spanish Lukowt. Belize Natural Energy ga wahn ail stoarij fasiliti da dis poat. Di Komers Bait Poat yooz moasli fi sichros ekspoat. Di Poat a Bileez deh eena Bileez Siti, ahn da di bigis wan eena di konchri. Da deh moas a Bileez komershal impoat ahn ekspoat geh proases. Di Komers Bait Poat ahn di Bileez Siti Poat oan ahn aparayt bai di Poat a Bileez Ltd. Pahn tap, yu shuda noa seh dat krooz ship enka jos aaf shoar, ahn loakal feri tenda fi tek pipl fahn ship tu siti. There are several ports of Belize through which boats enter. Commercial ports: Port of Big Creek, is a deep water sea port facility in Southern Belize. It is situated in Big Creek, Stann Creek District and is primarily used for banana exports. Other products that pass through the port includes shrimp, fertilizer, citrus pellets, and of recently sugar. Some services offered by the port includes tug and barge, stevedoring, property rental, shipping agency, and storage. It is also the port of departure for the oil fields in Spanish Lookout. Belize Natural Energy has an oil storage facility onsite.The Commerce Bight Port is primarily used for citrus exports.The Port of Belize is located in Belize City, and is the largest Port in the country where the majority of Belize's commercial imports and exports are processed.The Commerce Bight Port and Belize City Port are owned and operated by the Port of Belize Ltd. It should also be noted that cruise ships anchor just off shore, and local tenders ferry people from the ships to the city.
Ada poat dehn: Saylaz ku enta di konchri da Bileez Siti, Kee Kaaka, Punta Gorda, ahn San Pedro (pahn Ambergris Kee). Wen wahn chravla enta chroo dehnya poat, dehn gwhen chroo Kostoms plos ada chek. Other ports: Sailors can enter from ports at:Belize City, Caye Caulker, Punta Gorda, San Pedro (on Ambergris Caye). Entering these ports will require officials to put travelers through customs and other clearances.