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Da fahn di Inglish verzhan a Wikipedia moas a dis aatikl geh chranslayt, ahn di chanslayshan bays moasli pahn di meenin, noh werd-fi-werd.
This article has been translated primarily from the English version of Wikipedia, generally using a meaning-based translation approach.
Akaadn tu di 2010 sensos, di mayja langwij dehn pipl taak eena Bileez da Inglish, Spanish, ahn Kriol. Moa dan 40% a di papulayshan taak aal chree. Pipl taak di Maiyan langwij dehn eena sertn paat a di konchri [sayhn ting wid Garifuna]. Inglish da di ofishal langwij ahn di mayn langwij a poblik ejukayshan, bot oanli wahn smaal paat a di papulayshan taak Inglish az fos langwij. Spanish geh teech eena elimenchri ahn hai skool aalso. Bailingwalizm kaman kaman. Lichrasi deh rait now da nayli 80%. According to the 2010 census, the major languages spoken in Belize include English, Spanish and Kriol, all three spoken by more than 40% of the population. Mayan languages are also spoken in certain areas [same with Garifuna]. English is the official language and the primary language of public education, though spoken natively by a minority of people as a first language. Spanish is taught in primary and secondary schools as well. Bilingualism is very common. Literacy currently stands at nearly 80%.